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        Strategic Planning



1. Mission Statement:

The Council for the Town of Cudworth is committed to be forward thinking in its mission to establish a positive atmosphere that will enhance the quality of life and the sustainability of our community.  We will strive to provide effective communication networks that will promote progressive development, attract new businesses, and harness the cooperative energy of the citizens of Cudworth.

2. The Plan - 2004 2. The Plan - 2004

2.1    Categories and Objectives

Quality of life

  1. ensure people feel safe and secure
  2. provide recreational activities year round
  3. provision of basic services

Economic Viability

  1. maintaining and support of our existing businesses
  2. attracting new businesses
  3. promoting tourism

Quality Service

  1. providing high quality service
  2. earn the respect and confidence of the public

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. manage the funds in the delivery of municipal services in a fiscally responsible way
  2. commit ourselves to finding more cost effective ways of delivering municipal services

Cooperative Spirit

  1. build on the spirit and pride of all citizens

Infrastructure Management

  1. build, maintain and operate our infrastructure in a manner that is sustainable

Community Development

  1. promote active community based participation in issue and problem  identification and resolution 

2.2    Implementation of the Plan 2004-2008 - Major Projects Completed
Quality of life

  1. provided effective leadership during the disastrous flood of June, 2005 followed by flood prevention measures in 2006 and 2007
  2. expansion and renovation of the town library
  3. official opening of the Museum and new Museum Centennial Park including partnering with Wheatland Rail for the hosting of rail car excursions with participants from across North America
  4. provided leadership in the Regional Doctor Recruitment initiative to ensure future health services for our community

Cooperative Spirit

  1. beautification of the our town including community cleanup of Symak property, trimming of trees throughout the town, initiation of the Communities in Bloom program, initiation of the Main Street flowers, design and installation of town banners
  2. provided leadership for the highly successful 2005 Centennial Celebrations involving the entire Cudworth community
  3. provided heated storage space for the local ambulance
  4. provided full participation in the Sask Watershed Advisory Committee Initiative re: South Saskatchewan River Basin
  5. development of team building through the establishment of working relationships between Council and staff by building strong foundations of trust honesty and respect

Infrastructure Management

  1. completed renovation of the community hall with the installation of a new roof, refurbishment of the stage, installation of five high efficiency furnaces, painting of the interior, installation of metal cladding on the exterior, installation of a high quality sound system, installation of a new stainless steel countertop
  2. with the help of volunteers and fundraising we upgraded Town facilities including: arena, swimming pool, town shop, quonset, storage garage, curling rink, ambulance house and doctors house
  3. construction of two new lift stations and new three cell lagoon
  4. relocation of the fire hall including purchase of the new building, renovations and equipment
  5. development and installation of water line to residents on Dziendzielowski Avenue and 777 Grid East
  6. contributed towards the purchase and installation of an arena sound system
  7. purchase of equipment including a new service ½ ton, computer hardware and software and a uniloader and new back hoe
  8. complete reconstruction of 5th Avenue including expansion of side area to eliminate erosion and reconfiguration of driveways and boulevards
  9. upgraded swimming pool by installing solar heating, new boilers and filters and new windows

Implementation of the Plan 2004-2008 - Major Projects Completed
Quality Service

  1. continued maintenance of our quality water/wastewater system
  2. certification of the Town Foreman and Technician
  3. introduced the circulation of improved regularly publicized community newsletters
  4. provided good quality regular service including grass cutting, street maintenance and drainage, snow removal, garbage collection, etc.

Economic Viability

  1. design and development of a community promotion brochure
  2. design and maintenance of the new community website
  3. purchase and development of new Town signs on Highway 2
  4. full participation in operation and ownership of Wheatland Rail

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. budget included long term financial planning, vigorous monitoring of financial operations and focus on fee for service funding
  2. renewed financial service contracts including banking services, investment strategies and long term low cost loan
  3. installed high efficiency furnaces, lighting systems and solar heating to reduce operating costs

Community Development

  1. initiated zoning and development control practices
  2. development of a lot sales campaign
  3. designed new tourist and community activities billboard
  4. designed a new Town of Cudworth community promotion brochure

2.3    Priorities for 2008 and 2009

  1. Rehabilitate our streets by applying an asphalt overlay and grading side ditches to ensure positive drainage
  2. Replace water valves to enable us to isolate sections of the town while repairing a waterline break


  1. Playground development - remove existing outdated equipment and develop  new safety approved playground facilities.

2.3.2  Long Term Ongoing Projects

  • Golf Course development
  • Wheelchair sidewalk accessibility
  • Continued infrastructure upgrades of water & sewer systems, sidewalks and streets as infrastructure grants become available from the Provincial and Federal governments.