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Below is a list of the service clubs operating in Cudworth and region.
Black Velvet 4-H Club Heidi Kolla 306-256-3606
Catholic Woman's League Ann Loeffelholz-Yuzak 306-256-7080
Cudworth & District Recreation Board Karla Yuzik 306-256-3492
Cudworth Playschool Shawna Uliski 306-256-3961
Cudworth Seniors' Recreation Association Inc Catherine Mazurkewich 306-256-3510
Cudworth Slo Pitch League Leah Palchinski 306-256-7121
Cudworth Wildlife Federation Trevor Leuschen 306-256-3272
Cudworth Curling Club Chris Diederichs 306-233-7170
Cudworth Dance Club Dione Kohle 306-256-7191
Cudworth Tricky Maroons Lee Hauber 306-233-8801
Friendship Club Bernadette Lange 306-256-3432
Cudworth Soccer Club Lori Schlosser 306-221-8792
Gun Club Brian Pauli 306-256-7004
Knights of Columbus Phil Renneberg 306-256-3672
Lions Club Jennifer Cormack 306-716-4937
Minor Hockey Club Jason Hauber 306-233-7044
Rec Hockey Kelly Kolla 306-256-3603
Senior Pal Program-Programs for Active Living Catherine Mazurkewich 306-256-3510
Skating Club Derrick Kolla 306-256-3591